Make a remotely operated vehicle with your Lego NXT!

Available on Google Play, this application allows you to both control your Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot and view streaming video from it by strapping your phone to the NXT.   No program is required to be running on the NXT, but you will need this free PC software (WinXP,Vista,Win7) to receive the video and send commands over Wifi .

Tip: If you want to go driving far from your router then you can use free  software called “Connectify” and set your laptop up as wifi hot spot.  Just don’t blame us if you loose your NXT down a rabbit hole!

Check out the new forum for more ideas and general discussion.

– Stream high quality video to your PC or Laptop.
– Control the Movement using keyboard, Joystick or Gamepad.
– Detect object distance with ultrasonic range sensor.
– Control phone’s camera flash/torch.
– Launch Programs and Sounds.
– Customise the app using JavaScript.
– More cool functionality coming soon!
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